Thursday thoughts and inspirations

Today I thought I’d share some inspirations and also a little of what is happening in my art practice currently.

Currently I’m in my last year at university in York. My graduate exhibition is in May and I’m working towards that. My current plan for the exhibition is a drawn curiosity cabinet. I wrote about wunderkammers and the history of them in my dissertation, and the work I created for the Postern Tower last July was loosely based on a curiosity cabinet. I created lots of fictional animals, plants and insects, ‘found’ by the Georgian naturalist Nevis Andorra Anderson, ‘daughter’ of the real geologist and explorer, Tempest Anderson, who was a real man and lived in York.

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Above are some photographs of my Postern Tower work.

My Thursday inspirations are;

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(paws by Kiki Smith, Bear by Lizzy Stewart, stitched bird by Fleurografie, plant cells by Frederic Elfving, all other images found on pinterest)


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