Owl Eyes

Today I worked on finishing this A3 pencil sketch of an owl skull. I found the image online and thought it looked suitably creepy; those big empty sockets dominating the oddly proportioned skull and sharp, strong beak. In the first image below you can see the skull drawing with some of my earlier, ‘gentle’ artwork on the wall. I think these two approaches in my practice work together, as I explore the line between hybrids and what is unsettling and what is whimsical, like the whales with butterfly wings or the jackalopes.IMG_20150323_152903 20150323_152406 20150323_101116

I’m also developing early collage work, using vintage images of crystals and minerals collaged with drawings of beetles, to make these sci-fi, alien like insects.

Next on my list is starting work on my spidersaur wax diorama!


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