Heavy Wings

20150506_125634 20150506_125628 20150506_125622

These collages were made from a vintage book of mammals, which I have been cutting up and reassembling, With these three however, I was interested to see how they would look with delicate pencil wings drawn on.

Flight has always fascinated humankind, and yet it is something we have never fully achieved for ourselves organically (such as evolving to grow wings etc) but in the natural world there are thousands of species of birds and insects who can fly.

Hybridisation and genetic mutation are also things humans experiment with, but only on animals.With these three pieces of work I explored the idea of extremely heavy animals evolving wings naturally or through human interference. The images look ridiculous; no one can imagine these creatures would actually be able to fly because logic tells us that these delicate wings would never be able to support these animals, let alone their body and bone structure hindering any chances to fly. However, the very appearance of wings makes them look fantastical and whimsical, and can make us wonder what the world would be like if these creatures were flying around.


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