Artist Statement

My work centres on nature and my interpretation of it through drawing, collage, papercutting and textile work, focussing on flora, fauna and organic natural forms. The natural world is full of tiny intricacies which are incredible and transform perfectly into works of art; I am driven to produce and share artworks which reflect the way I see the natural world around me, and the way I interpret it.

I also have a strong interest in myths and folklore, which all have aspects of nature embedded within them. I am fascinated and inspired by tales of fairies, the Loch Ness Monster, and ghosts. These sort of fairytale creatures have inspired and captured the imaginations of millions of people over many centuries. I find it curious that such incomprehensible and imaginary things have grown and adapted to the modern age, where disbelief is rife and people are far less likely to ‘believe what they see’, and yet they are as interesting and inspiring as ever.

In this vein of the fascinating, I am very inspired by curiosity cabinets and the role they have played in society throughout the ages, from seventeenth century collections filling manors, to today’s interpretations of wunkerkammers. My work increasingly draws on elements of curiosity cabinets, mixing the believable with the outrageous.

Pen work has always been the foundation of my art; the texture and mark making is, for me, second to none with any other medium. I enjoy using found and vintage ephemera in my work as backgrounds or to highlight certain shapes or concepts. The use of old found paper highlights ephemeral nature; nature is a constant yet ever-changing contradiction; plants die but seeds grow, animals die which in turn feeds and grows other plants and animals.

The core concept behind my work, and what I hope inspires others, is the fact that nature is incredibly beautiful and has a mysticism about it that we cannot fail to admire and wonder about.


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