Bones and Insects

My work is starting to turn towards the creepy and curious, which hopefully will result in a 2D curiosity cabinet for the graduate exhibition. For this work I’m exploring how natural forms can be reassembled into frightening and unnerving creatures.

Firstly I looked at bones, and made these two drawings of a dinosaur skull (which I found strange because of two apparent eye sockets) and a frog skeleton. I thought the frog skeleton was fascinating because of the way the skull and webbed feet make it look almost alien-like, but in actual fact it is just a frog.

20150313_104940 20150313_104950

These are both A3 drawings in fineliner; the dinosaur skull has a wash over it.


I have also been making bones out of modelling wax, which I will reassemble into skeletons of strange creatures. I’m thinking of setting the bones in plaster so it looks like an uncovered fossil.

These are inspired by fake fossils which are often passed off as genuine. Here is a link to an interesting list of famous faked fossils, which included both dinosaurs, trilobites and human fossils.

The bones are also inspired by Juan Fontcuberta, an artist who creates fake fossils of mermaids and skeletons of fictional creatures.

juan fonteburtq mermaid

Here are two examples of Fontcuberta’s work; a ‘mermaid’ and a flying sabre toothed big cat.

I’m also working on enlarging images of insects to a very unnerving level. Insects are one of the most feared things in the world, even though they rarely do any harm; most people are frightened or made uncomfortable by ‘creepy crawlies’. I personally don’t have a problem with beetles or butterflies, but I’m find caterpillars quite disgusting. Working on a large scale, focussing on alien like caterpillars and insects faces combines my own fear and other’s.

Insects are usually such tiny creatures we don’t see the details, but by enlarging an image of the face makes it seem very threatening and other-worldly. I am interested in whether people understand they are insects (real, live creatures on our earth), or see them as fictional, nightmarish alien faces.

Here are a few images of insect ‘faces’;

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Into the woods…

After drawing this little gilded deer a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on a much larger drawing of her.


This deer is A4 sized, drawn in biro with gold pen work.

Here is the A1 size deer, drawn in biro with a watercolour wash. I’ve yet to add the gold leaf spots. She’s the biggest drawing I’ve ever done, and I’m quite proud of her.


Once I’ve finished her, I will be working on more ‘curious’ pieces, taking inspiration from sci-fi, myths, and exploring the line between strange and disquieting.

Here are some of my inspirations for this work;

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(all images found on Pinterest)

Thursday thoughts and inspirations

Today I thought I’d share some inspirations and also a little of what is happening in my art practice currently.

Currently I’m in my last year at university in York. My graduate exhibition is in May and I’m working towards that. My current plan for the exhibition is a drawn curiosity cabinet. I wrote about wunderkammers and the history of them in my dissertation, and the work I created for the Postern Tower last July was loosely based on a curiosity cabinet. I created lots of fictional animals, plants and insects, ‘found’ by the Georgian naturalist Nevis Andorra Anderson, ‘daughter’ of the real geologist and explorer, Tempest Anderson, who was a real man and lived in York.

918 919

Above are some photographs of my Postern Tower work.

My Thursday inspirations are;

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(paws by Kiki Smith, Bear by Lizzy Stewart, stitched bird by Fleurografie, plant cells by Frederic Elfving, all other images found on pinterest)